Sumgait: evidence given by Seda Danielyan’s sister


“On Sunday, at 6.30 p.m., without any bad suspicion, they returned home. Somebody knocked on the door and asked: “Are you Armenians?” My sister’s husband answered: “No, we are Azeris”, and they left. A few minutes later there was a phone call: “Kolya, are you at home?” he said “Yes”. They said: “Do not leave, in a few minutes we shall come after you”. 10-15 minutes later some 25 people stormed into their home and started to beat them up. Then they took them out into the backyard, killed the husband immediately, hit the child 5 times on the head, punched my sister severely. After the pogrom-makers left, others came and saw my sister moving. When she noticed they are approaching, she hid the kid behind her body. There was not a single untouched spot on her body; you could not recognize her face. How they killed her…
Viktoria Grigoryan, sister of murdered Seda Danielyan.

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