«Sumgait»: evidences and evaluations

We certainly knew that the situation was tense there, the information was there. Then a special group was established in the Prosecution office of the USSR. And if needed we were supposed to fly there and take decisive steps to prevent disorders, and most importantly – secure quality investigation of the crimes that had been • Read More »

«Maragha»: evidences and evaluations

“It was April 1992 and that morning the Azeris had begun to attack [the] village, which had innocent civilians living there.  The Azeris began with the shelling, and then the tanks came and the soldiers came.  And while we were there, they sawed off the heads of some of the villagers. “I will never forget • Read More »

Pogroms of Armenians in Baku: evidences and evaluations of politicians, public officials and witnesses

“When attackers are resolutely going from district to district and from home to home, that means they have been given lists, that there is someone who is directing [the whole thing]” Garry Kasparov, repeated World Chess Champion, born in Baku (Source: Bulvar Gordona, 2 December 2008, available at: “I myself witnessed the murder of • Read More »