Armenia: A Report from the Border

Felice D. Gaer and Scott Horton July 18, 1991 Issue To the Editors: When we were in Moscow in late May attending the First Andrei Sakharov Memorial Congress on Human Rights, we heard continuing reports of deportations of thousands of ethnic Armenian villagers from their villages in Azerbaijan and Nagorno-Karabakh, and received permission from President • Read More »

Sumgait: evidence given by Seda Danielyan’s sister

“On Sunday, at 6.30 p.m., without any bad suspicion, they returned home. Somebody knocked on the door and asked: “Are you Armenians?” My sister’s husband answered: “No, we are Azeris”, and they left. A few minutes later there was a phone call: “Kolya, are you at home?” he said “Yes”. They said: “Do not leave, • Read More »

Aleksander Safarov: Ancient map published in press triggered pogroms of Armenians in Baku published Aleksander Safarov’s article “Black January” about the events he witnessed in Baku on 20 January 1991. In Azerbaijan, the day is called “Black January” and stories about “the Soviet Army’s atrocities over the Azerbaijani civilians” are told and flowers are put to monuments, the author writes. As the author describes, tanks “decorated” Baku • Read More »

Operation Ring eyewitnesses and survivors about atrocities of Azerbaijani OMON

The website continues publishing evidence and documents concerning the Operation Ring in spring-summer of 1991 during which the population of about 30 Armenian villages of Artsakh underwent terrorist actions, violence and were deported from their native places by the Azerbaijani OMON. The materials of protocol of the interviews of the Operation Ring witnesses are • Read More »

Sumgait – a case of Azerbaijan’s KGB

Newspaper Golos Armenii published an issue by Marina Grigoryan. Follow the article here. Covering up a crime and criminals also constitutes a crime. One recalls this truth every time one familiarizes himself with the sophisticated tricks of Azerbaijan aimed at covering up their guilt for the monstrous acts of February27-29, 1988 in Sumgait. As new • Read More »

Sumgait: evidence given by witnesses

The brothers were killed right in front of my eyes. This was going on during three hours – from 11 to 2 at night. All those three hours the brothers were getting beaten. Right under our balconyValeriy was trying to escape. They got him, threw him on the ground and killed brutally – with knives • Read More »

European Parliament Resolution on the Situation in Soviet Armenia

  The European Parliament, A. having regard to the recent public demonstrations in Soviet Armenia demanding that the Nagorno-Karabagh region be reunited with the Republic of Armenia, B. having regard historic status of the autonomous region of Nagorno-Karabagh (80% of whose present population is Armenian) as part of Armenia, to the arbitrary inclusion of this • Read More »